Article I

The name of this society shall be Mascoutah Historical Society.

Article II

The purpose of this society shall be to bring together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of the Mascoutah, Illinois, area, which inncludes all of Mascoutah township and the area served by Mascoutah Unit School District #19. Understanding the history of our community is basic to our democratic way of life, gives us a better understanding of our state and nation, and promotes a better appreciation of our American heritage.

      The society's major function will be to discover and collect any material which may help to establish or illustrate the history of Mascoutah and the area: its exploration, settlement, development, and activities in peace and in war; its progress in population, wealth, education, arts, science, agriculture, manufactures, trade, and transportation. It will collect printed material such as histories, genealogies, biographies, descriptions, gazetteers, directories, newspapers, pamphlets, catalogs, circulars, handbills, programs and posters; manuscript material such as letters, diaries, journals, memoranda, reminiscences, rosters, service records, account books, charts, surveys, and field books; and museum material such as pictures, photographs, paintings, portraits, scenes, Native American relics, and material objects illustrative of life, conditions, events, and activities of the past and the present.

      The society will provide for the preservation of such material and for its accessibility, as far as may be feasible, to all who wish to examine or study it, to cooperate with officials in insuring the preservation and accessibility of the records and archives of the county and of its cities, towns, villages, and institutions, and to undertake the preservation of historic buildings, monuments, and markers.

      The society will disseminate historical information and arouse interest in the past by publishing historical material in the newspapers or otherwise; by holding meetings with addresses, lectures, papers, and discussions; by marking historic buildings, sites, and trails; by using all media, including radio, television, and digital media to awaken public interest; and by working with Mascoutah School District 19 to establish appropriate programs for students.

      The society will cooperate with the Illinois State Historical Society to collect and preserve materials of state-wide significance so that these materials can be made available to students and scholars.

      The society shall maintain all of its buildings in accordance with the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding drawn up with the City of Mascoutah.

Article III
Membership and Dues

Section 1. Any person interested in the history of the Mascoutah area who applies for membership in any classification of membership and who tenders the necessary dues shall thereby become a member.

Section 2. Annual dues for individual members shall be $15.00. Annual dues for a household shall be $25.00. Annual dues for students shall be $1.00.

Section 3. Annual dues for business, institutional, or professional members shall be $20.00. One person shall be designated to represent the business at meetings and cast a vote.

Section 4. Dues for life members shall be $150.00 in one payment.

Section 5. Annual dues shall be payable in advance, and members in arrears more than one year after payment is due shall be dropped from membership.

Article IV
Executive Board

Section 1. The officers and directors shall constitute the Executive Board.

Section 2. The officers of this society shall be president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. They shall be elected for a term of two years or until their successors are elected. The president and secretary shall be elected in even-numbered years; the vice president and treasurer shall be elected in odd-numbered years.

Section 3. Three directors shall be elected from the membership at large. Their terms shall be arranged so that one is elected each year. Initially, their terms shall be one year, two years, and three years. The one year term shall expire first, the two year term next, and the three year term last. Subsequent elections shall be for three year terms. A director shall not serve more than two full consecutive terms. After a director is off the Board for one year, s/he shall be eligible to serve on the Board again.

Section 4. The election of officers and directors shall be held at the April meeting. A majority vote cast by ballot by those present and voting shall elect. Should there be but one candidate for each office to be filled, the election may be by voice. The term of office shall begin at the close of the May meeting.

Section 5. A vacancy in office except that of president shall call for the appointment of a nominating committee at the next regular society meeting, with the presntation of the slate and the election to follow at subsequent meetings.

Section 6. The president and vice-president shall work together to ensure that the following duties are fulfilled:

     Report annually to the City of Mascoutah and the general membership on the activities and the financial status of the society

     Preside at Executive Board and General Meetings

     Maintain the Society's buildings

     Appoint standing committee chairmen and delegates not otherwise provided for

     Accession, maintain, and inventory all of the museum's holdings

     Maintain a master calendar of events and activities

      In addition,the vice president shall assume the duties of the president in the event of absence, incapacity, or resignation of the president, and shall be the curator of the museum, responsible for the accessioning, maintenance, and inventory of all of the museum's materials.

      The secretary shall keep the minutes of meetings of the society and of the Executive Board; shall be responsible for membership, including maintaining a list of members, conducting membership drives, processing new candidates for membership, and rendering an annual report on membership status; shall conduct all correspondence of the organization under the direction of the president; and shall ensure that the minutes of meetings of the society, including treasurer's reports, are distributed to the membership at the following meeting.

      The treasurer shall be responsible for the safekeeping of society funds and for maintaining adequate financial records; shall deposit all monies received with a reliable banking company in the name of the Mascoutah Historical Society. Monies shall be paid out by numbered checks signed by the treasurer and the president. The treasurer will collect dues; shall submit a written report monthly to the general membership; shall file required documents with state and federal departments of revenue to maintain the society's non-profit status; and shall render a written annual report based on the fiscal year.

Section 7. The Executive Board shall have the power to conduct all affairs of the society, shall decide questions of policy that for any reason cannot be acted upon at a meeting of the society; shall establish a yearly budget at their October meeting for presentation at the society's November meeting; and perform such other functions as designated in the bylaws or otherwise assigned to it. Any member of the Executive Board may spend less than $50 without seeking approval of another Board member. Expenditures between $50 and $250 must be approved by at least three Board members. Expenditures over $250 must be approved by the Executive Board and a majority of members at a general meeting. In the event of the death of an officer or director of the Historical Society, the Executive Board shall decided on an appropriate memorial. The Board may also use its discretion to send a memorial to honor a member who has served the society in the past but is no longer an officer or director.

Section 8. The Executive Board of the Mascoutah Historical Society may grant President Emeritus status to a retiring or retired society president. President Emeritus status should be reserved to honor, in retirement, a society president who has provided outstanding and distinguished service to the Mascoutah Historical Society, moved the Society to new heights and has served a significant portion of time in service to the Mascoutah Historical Society. Emeritus status is given to a retiring or retired president who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and contributions to the Society, exemplifying the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, civic responsibility, vision and leadership. The designation identifies the President Emeritus as a continuing member of the society community.

     A member of the Executive Board may nominate a retiring or retired society president to become President Emeritus. The title must be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

     In addition to the benefits and privileges received by all active and retired society members and officers, a president granted emeritus status will also receive:

     A resolution naming and honoring the former president as President Emeritus

     Listing on the website

     Use of the title "President Emeritus"

     Invitations to all society events and activities; and

     The option to participate in special programs or exercises.

The current society president may call upon the President Emeritus to provide counsel or to serve in various volunteer roles and/or capacities in support of the society. Presidents Emeriti do not exercise any of the authority or administrative functions associated with holding an office in the society.

Article V
Schedule and Quorum for Meetings

Section 1. Regular meetings of the society shall be held monthly excluding August and December. Meetings shall be held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of the months of April, May, June, July, September, October, and November. Meetings shall be held at 10:00 a.m. on the third Tuesday of the months of January, February, and March.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the president.

Section 3. The Executive Board shall meet quarterly. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the president of the society.

Section 4. Seven members of the society shall constitute a quorum.

Article VI

Section 1. The society shall have the following standing committees:

      1. Nominations Committee - responsible for making nominations for officers and members of the Executive Board. The nominations committee shall be appointed by the Executive Board at their February meeting. The nominations committee shall report in March, presenting a slate of candidates for each office and director vacancy. No name shall be placed in nomination without the consent of the nominee.

      2. Exhibits Committee - responsible for creating new exhibits, and rotating existing and past exhibits.

      3. Program Committee - responsible for arranging suitable programs.

      4. Publications Committee - responsible for finding ways and means for publishing joint or individual research studies or books; newsletter to members; for publicity; for maintaining the society's website.

      5. Technology Committee - responsible for the maintenance and purchasing of technology equipment, supplies, and services, including (but not limited to) copiers, computers, software, printers, scanners, cameras, recording equipment, the telephone system and the alarm system.

Section 2. The president shall appoint chairmen of the standing committees.

Section 3. Other committees, standing or special, may be appointed by the president as directed by the society or Executive Board.

Article VII

Article VIII
Parliamentary Authority

Section 1. Robert's Rule of Order, revised, or other authority shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters not covered in the bylaws.

Section 2. Standing rules may be adopted by a majority vote of those present and voting at any regular meeting; amended, repealed, or suspended by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting, without previous notice at any regular meeting.

Article IX
Amendment to the Bylaws

Section 1. The bylaws shall be reviewed annually by the Executive Board at their January meeting. Recommendations for revisions shall be presented at the society's February meeting.

Section 2. These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting, provided notice was given at the previous meeting. Or they may be amended at a special meeting called for that purpose, with previous notice and a two-thirds vote. All proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing.

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